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“Our boys in Iraq are the fucking real heroes, putting their lives on the line for their country. There is nothing more heroic than that. There are also day-to-day things you can be heroic or brave doing while looking after your family.”

“I was thinking about that. Would I die then, even though I don’t feel any pain? I would love to.. (walks to window). I’d love to be over- you know when you look over a cliff? I just feel like I would want to look further. I want to feel like I could just take one more step. It would be an adrenaline rush.” (When asked if he would jump out a window during an interview.)

“When you f**king dive into another person or character. I’m a Gemini so for me I try to keep one side of my life for everyone that I’m around and then the other side I can kind of explore in other people with the character stuff. I can get away with doing things that I would probably never do, but the other side of me would.”

“I used to have Tim Burton’s Batman stuff and used to like that a lot and it was my favorites And I used to have the Spider-Man outfit when I was six and Wolverine, I used to run around with needles sticking out of my knuckles and stuff. I found metal kebab skewers and then I plastered them onto my hand. I think I must have put a couple of holes in the door, which my mum had them taken off me. It went down not too well. I was like eight or nine.”

“A young girl stabbing people and chopping their legs off? It’s just brilliant.”

“And I’m obviously such a charmer. I can be like that sometimes.”

“I can’t think of anything worse than trying to schmooze someone with the idea that you’re an actor.”

“It was fantastic having everyone jumping at your feet whilst you played live, it was a big buzz.”

“I’m not this cool dream boy type. I’m quite a genuine, caring guy but I’m more the guy-next-door”

“I think I’m inspired job to job. That’s where the challenge is. F**k, how am I going to pull this off? I’m playing John Lennon – What have I signed myself up for? That’s what I find interesting – the challenge. “